Thomas and the Warrior Mouse




“Thomas and the Warrior Mouse” by Patrick Dallabetta


Patrick Dallabetta’s children’s book is an adaptation of Edward Kennard’s Hopi fable about the battle to save a Hopi Indian village from plunder. The original story, written in 1939, was adapted to include the adventures of Thomas Polywetewa, a young Hopi boy and his field mouse best friend Tusan Homichi Tuwyota. The story takes place in the village of Mishongovi on Second Mesa in Northern Arizona.  How can Thomas and his best friend Tusan work together to help his tribe survive the wrath of an enemy that could eliminate a major food source for his people of his village Mishongovi? The story explores aspects of the fascinating culture of the Hopi Indians. This wonderful children’s book and is the first of several stories that explores the adventures of Thomas as he grows up and learns about his own heritage as member of the Hopi Indian Tribe.