Patrick Dallabetta was a teacher, principal, and superintendent for 37 years. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1970, a Master's Degree in 1972, and a Doctor in Educational Administration from Northern Arizona University in 1980. While in college, Dallabetta worked part-time for the Water Resources and Astrogeology Divisions of the United States Geological Survey. He became a secondary teacher of geomorphology, earth science, mineralogy, and geography and eventually accepted a position as an elementary principal in Southern Arizona.

As a principal and superintendent, he supervised programs in curriculum, instruction, human resources, and special education. Dallabetta was also an adjunct professor, teaching undergraduate and many postgraduate courses in educational research, foundations, and school administration at Northern Arizona University. During his career, he was elected as President of the Superintendent's Division of Arizona School Administrators and won many awards for his public school programs. Dallabetta was also elected President of the Northern Arizona University Alumni Association.

He wrote many successful grants for both private and public entities. Dallabetta was responsible for many state and national presentations dealing with a variety of educational issues. He represented the Western States School Superintendents at a Reading Reform Foundation meeting in Washington, D.C., and used his experiences to help develop an elementary school program that won state and national acclaim for outstanding student performance.